Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Dawg Worry, Giant Dump...

Quite enjoyed the new Simon Schama documentary on the Romantics. He devoted some time to Gericault's ' The Raft of the Medusa', a great favourite of mine. I remember  on my first visit to the Louvre, walking into that room, and being totally awestruck, at the size of it, as much as  the high drama. I'd seen reproductions many times of course, but that  monstrous hugeness- Yow!
Another fresh, lovely morning for my park constitutional, but another hideous little heatwave is on the way, they say. Please may it be the last of the year.
I've not heard from, or seen R Next Door all week, and am a bit worried that she might actually have had Lily the Greyhound put down. She's a beautiful, healthy young dawg, but had to have a toe amputated recently, due to an injury from her racing days. Now, after she's been running, she limps a bit, and R says  she can't bear to see her like that, when she was so very fast and powerful it would be 'the kindest thing' to euthanise her!  I think animals just tend to be content with the way they are, unless they're in real pain. Of course, I don't 'really' know, any more than R, . Oh well, I'm probably just jumping to conclusions. Even R wouldn't be so cruel. I also doubt . the vets would agree to it.  It's strange, though,  R really let poor old ancient Lula go on a bit 'too long', barely able to move at all. Maybe it's guilt over all that, making her think she should swing the other way. Well, fingers crossed she doesn't.

Here's a strange bit of TMI. I was approaching 'the 'sqirrel tree', where we leave nuts amongst the branches, so that they can snack without
threat of dog attacks, when I saw, at its base, the most gigantic pile of half-liquid shit it has ever been my misfortune to  behold. It couldn't have come out of even a big dog. I found it hard to believe it was  human, either. It wasn't a horse,( wrong texture.)  More like some sort of dyspeptic Yeti.
Ever since lockdown ended.  the park has been deteriorating ...more raucous people with ill-trained dogs, cyclists, scooter users and motorbikers zooming along the pedestrian path, drunk/stoned misbehaviour, Masturbation Boy tugging away nearly every day,  heavy littering, etc., etc.  So much for the pandemic making people more caring, and all that. Meh.

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