Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Moping In The Drizzle...

Very irritating sort of day. I'm grumpy. It may be the weather, which has gone hideously muggy again.
I had to go up to the High Street (more beggars every day, it seems...) to collect a blood test form from the surgery. I have blood tests all the damn time, it, seems. This is the annual 'prescription review' one. Now I have to schlep over to St Thomas' to get them done, etc. etc. , exposing myself to lots of covid cooties...It's weird to think that I haven't really been out of my immediate area in , like, five months, although R Next Door keeps hassling me all the time about my 'dangerous lifestyle'. She thinks I should be completely locked in and isolated.
Wanted to lamp her in the park, actually, for her latest critique of my dress sense. She should talk. All she needs is one of those stubby stovepipe hats, and she'd look like fucking Captain Ahab, stalking around in her long black coat, in all weathers.

I watched I HATE SUZIE because it was so raved about, and was, of course, underwhelmed. I mean it's mildy amusing smutty fun, so what's the big deal?   I have to say,though, that I'm totally compelled to keep staring at Billie Piper. She's sooo strange looking. The eyebrows, the cheekbones, that MOUTH!  She's kinda like a pretty T-Rex. She is a very good actor, too.
HARLOTS returned to BBC2 with two rumbustious episodes. Good stuff.
LOVECRAFT COUNTRY contues to intrigue, although it's not quite as gruesome as the first episode promised. It has a lot going for it, nonetheless, and, although it's quite woke, it's not over-worthy.
I'm liking STRIKE, too. It's a bit formulaic and trite, but the characters are solid, and it always holds my attention.


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