Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


The crows have started to stand in a line facing me, when I toss monkey nuts, and instead of fighting over one. they usually wait their 'turn'. They don't always do it, but often; fledgelings, too. Instead of immediately begging from a parent, seem to be getting the idea that  they'll get theirs by just standing there.
Watched DEAD RINGERS, which is on London Live at the moment. I remember seeing it decades ago, when it first came out, and thinking it was mental as anything, which indeed it is.  Watchable, but hardly a great  film; certainly not one of Cronenberg's best.
Also saw an old film of THE HAIRY APE on YouTube. Can't imagine what O'Neill must have made of it!  Not much like the play, at all,  apart from some of Paddy's lament for the old sailing ships. It even has a happy ending! William Bendix is interesting as Yank ('Hank'), though. . He really was a weird looking guy. I remember him being on TV a lot, when I was a kid. He was good at playing tragic oafs, and there was something about him that always reminded me of my father.



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