Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Cataract, Squirrelplanking, Etc

Can't shut the window again, in the bedroom, so kept being awakened by the strong wind shaking the blinds, etc., and the startled Moon jumping onto me.
Still can't get it sorted.
Watched a good Netflix documentary  MUCHO, MUCHO AMOR about this pop astrologer Walter Macado, who was incredibly world famous, but was unknown to me. He looked like a kind of Hispanic Liberace, famed for his outrageous cloaks, jewels, etc. He was filmed in his last year, and had obviously had a lot of 'work' done over the years, plus maintaining a butterscotch blond coiffure. There was something genuinely appealing about the guy, though; a sort of innocence, and he seemed quite kindhearted. He started his career in Puerto Rico, by raising a bird that had fallen down in his garden 'from the dead'. A neighbour saw this, and he  became known as a 'miracle child'  Other kids mocked him for being non-binary, but his mother said if he was different, that was a blessing. He grew up to be an actor/dancer/singer, then got into TV presenting and astrology. Zillions of people watched him religously for decades, and adored him.
So R.I.P. Senor Macado. We could use more nice nutters like that in the world.
 During the heatwave, I noticed some crows sitting in the grass with their wings spread. I'd seen it before, but thought it meant they were broody or something. Looked it up, and it's evidently one of their cooling off tactics, which also serves to shed parasites into the grass. (So they can jump onto you!...)
Then, the other day, I was on the rowing machine and one of the squirrels was comically spread out on its belly, awaiting nuts. I hadn't seen that before, but  it's called 'planking', and is another cooling-off thing,...The lil' back feet sticking out at right angles, squeeee!

I've been given the date of October fifth for my cataract op! Happily the self-isolation spell has been cut to three days, so that's a relief, but Ogodogodogodogod....My stomach is flipflopping already, visions of CLOCKWORK ORANGE  in my churning brain.
Of course, it's needed doing for a while now, and has to be done, but The Fear!

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