Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Me Go Tonto, Now...

I feel really insane today, and I'll have a rant. It's very boring, so don't bother, really.
I had a hospital appointment for a check on my heartburn/puke problem. They changed it to a phone consultation, due to the plague. Fair enough.
Then, they changed the time, also fair enough. The time came, no call. I gave it over an hour before calling, knowing how busy they are. Then, I was told athat they'd changed the time again, and I should have had a letter. I did not get a letter. Waited until the 'new' time; no call,45 minutes later I rang, and was told  They didn't know of any delay, they'd put me through to the consultant's secretary. Nobody there. I left a polite message  explaining the situation,in a sickly-sweet Jenni Murray voice, and fucked off outdoors, as it was going to be too late for a consultation anyway.
When I got back, I had a message saying the appointment had been cancelled altogether, and I 'should have been informed'. No apology, of course, but they'd send me an appointment for a fortnight or so hence.
Yess, I know how trivial it is, but this kind of thing seems to happen every day, sometimes several times. I feel like I'm going mad, anyway, and this makes it worse.  $%£^&!!! Wasted the day, just waiting for Godot again...

More annoying stuff happened, then I had a nightmare when I went to bed. (Eddie Redmayne  was forced to sacrifice (to Poseidon?) a white duck that was devoted to him. It was a mess; he was crying, and did it sloppily. It took ages. The poor duck was squawking, blood all over the place. Just heartbreaking and nasty.
Today the humidity is back, and it's raining too much to work out, but not enough to be satisfying. I went to ASDA. Fuck everything.

Saw the first episode of LOVECRAFT COUNTRY, which looks like it's going to be great stuff. Bouncy shoggoths!
On the other hand, series 2 of NOS4A2 is just crap. The first one was mildly entertaining, but this is just repetition, and dead slow. I've not read the Joe Hill book, but the consensus seems to be it's quite good, and this show desecrates it.

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