Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

The Heat Goes On...

Had a call from St Thomas' , offering me a cataract op on 4 Sept! They'd said they were putting me on the list, so I'd reckoned a few months... Simply can't do it. I have to self-isolate for two weeks before, but  I've got other hospital shit, the dental shit, have to take Moon to the vet, and she may need teeth out.
Not to mention that there's nobody to collect me, help  at home, when I get out, etc etc. I asked them to postpone to October, when hopefully it will be much cooler as well.
Although it seemed less suffocating this morning, the pall of wet, polluted air quickly settled back in, and  Guy's is even stuffier that St Thomas'.  the Doppler test was long and tiresome, and I was sweating gallons, into my fucking mask. Have to go back Monday to see the consultant. *Sigh*... Felt sorry for the young medic who did it, having to scramble around on the floor scanning people's legs all day. She was ridiculously cheerful.
Got home, collapsed, resisted ordering pizza, and watched Julian Schnabel's attractive Van Gogh biopic, ON THE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT. Very good. He subscribes to the theory that poor old Vincent was accidentally shot by teenagers goofing around, not by his own hand.
I also finished the first series of HARLOTS, a very lively tale of 18th century social injustice and sex workers. The wonderful Samantha Morton was especially good as  magisterial madam Margaret Wells.

Mercifully overcast again,but not enough improvement on the humidity front, although it is less hot. I've missed a few workouts this week, but managed  it this morning, albeit lazily.  I faffed about collecting jumble again; there are still piles to be shifted.
Watched the rest of LITTLE BIRDS, season one.. Very lush looking, and interesting enough, if not memorable. One scene where 'Lucy' was intstucted in ortalan-eating by the 'orrible baddie, freaked me out somewhat. I've always wondered how people ever even got the notion to do such a thing. Grotesque.



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