Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Cataract Clinic...

Delightful feckin' day to spend a few hours nervously simmering in the hospital. I knew I'd deteriorated some more, and the left eye is really pretty bad now, so I'm on the list to have that done, soonish. Shit. I want it done, of course, but having no support at all, and no transport is very scary. I'll have to self-isolate for two weeks before the event, too,and administer a C19 test on myself. Don't know how I'll manage that, sticking the thing right up my nose, and all. Uh...
The driver said it was 39 on the bus, and it feels much hotter than that in my greenhouse sitting room, Blimey O'Reilly...
Moon , all the dawgs, and crows are obviously fed up, needless to say.
Started watching LITTLE BIRDS, inspired by Anais Nin's erotica. I remember really being into her diaries at uni, and I know I read DELTA OF VENUS and BIRDS, at some point, but don't remember them at all. The series is a bit mediocre, so far , and it's kind of 50s-ish  at times, although it's supposed to be between the wars. Some of the characters are amusing, though. I quite like decadent 'Contessa Mandrax' (!)


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