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Hot Town...


Couldn't get much sleep last night. Watched the rest of the PERRY MASON series, which ended on a cliffhanger. Odd that both this and the latest PENNY DREADFUL series feature a mother-manipulated celebrity evangelist, inspired by Aimee Semple McPherson. I was surprised to learn that Della Street and Hamilton Berger are both gay. (Always assumed Della had the hots for Perry.)
Then I checked out BABY DRIVER; undemanding enough for the poached brain, with some hair-raising car chase stuff.
BBC2 is running HARLOTS, which I missed last time around. So far, quite entertaining; all about a pair of feuding madams and their 'girls' in Georgian days.


An even more sleepless  night. Made an attempt to work out early, while there was a bit of cloud cover, but it's so airlessly humid, I really didn't feel up to much exertion.
Must say it seems a miracle of sorts if under 200 people died in the Beruit explosion, The images look like the city is virtually flattened. It must be one of the unluckiest places on earth. *Sigh*
I keep seeing these £129.00 adult trikes on Yes, I know to my cost what happens when you order anything from them, which I shall never do again, but they keep reminding me how much I'd like to try one. I still wouldn't have the courage to pedal in even reduced London traffic, though.
Watched the last chapters of the tedious LAST WAVE thing, and now I'm going to try to sleep. Even the fans don't really help at this point. Jeez Louise.


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