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More Heat A- Comin'...

It's getting nasty hot, now. The next few days are going to be pretty infernal, they say. Still a nice breeze in the park, though.
Poor Lily dawg had to have a toe amputated, and R Next Door says her life wouldn't be worth living if she can't run as well, and threatens to have her put down, in that event. I think that would be totally wicked, but we still don't know how it will go, so I'll freak out then, if worse comes to worst.
Watched NIGHT TIDE  a noted cult film which I found on YouTube. It was OK, nice atmosphere, a bit CARNIVAL OF SOULS-y. Dennis Hopper stars as a naive young sailor. Interestingly,there's a cameo from (Marjorie) 'Cameron' , the legendary witchy woman and artist, who also appeared in at least one Kenneth Anger film.

I've been following a new gothic romance series on Channel 5, THE DECIEVED which is complete nonsense,but it's fun picking up all the references to REBECCA, WUTHERING HEIGHTS, etc,, and the cute boy from NORMAL PEOPLE, Paul Mescal, is in it. Guilty pleasure, then.
Speaking of which, HOLBY CITY featured a near punchup with two senior surgeons lunging at each other in the boardroom.

I seem to be heavily spotted with insect bites. all over. Really itchy, blast it. I'm pretty sure it's not fleas,as Moon doesn't seem to be scratching.
 I've  been quite disturbed about the explosion catastrophe in Beirut. It must be one of the unluckiest places on earth. How are the survivors ever going to get properly rehomed?

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