Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

People Acting Mad...

I was sitting waiting for the dentist yesterday, when this man started banging furiously on the door, demanding admission. The receptionist said he couldn't come in without an appointment. In a fierce Italian accent, he said he needed a tooth pulled urgently. She said 'NHS says .No...'  He kept yelling and bawling, shaking his notably long blond dreadlocks. about how the hospital wouldn't take him either, and he'd have to yank it out himself. until she threatened to call the police, so he kicked the door and shambled off shouting foul oaths. 'Do you get much of that?' sez I. 'That's nothing!' she replied wearily.
Later, I was walking back from Clapham High Street, and slowly bumping my shopping trolley down the steps by the church, when I was accosted by a shabby old man asking if I wanted help, and looking peculiar. I said no thanks, but he started climbing over the railing, and grabbing at the handle, as if to lift it over to his side of the path. It was full of (ahem)  heavy bottles,and he was likely to force it open, causing them to fall out. 'NO! NO! NO! NOO!!!'  I barked, giving it the full Madam Thatcher. and managed to escape.  Now he may have been feebly attempting to rob me (He was at least my age...), but he was probably honestly trying to be helpful. It so often seems that the few people who offer assistance, invariably do it when it's not needed or wanted.
Another very eccentric looking old codger had been on the high street shouting with full amplifaction about how Jesus 'died naked' for us, and how we were likely to 'find yourselves in Hell' shortly. He was assisted by a chonky '50s-housewife type, in a pleated skirt, who held up signs I couldn't read, threateningly. Peeved shopkeepers kept trying to move them on, but they were staunch in their mission, and wouldn't budge.
There were really a lot of police cars zipping about loudly in all directions for most of the afternoon. That's not too unusual, though.  I do miss the fresh air and quiet streets.
The dental thing wasn't that satisfactory, but he patched up the empty socket I had, and said I should try ringing again in a few weeks when they'd be open properly. I  seriously need two crowns, especially on the broken front tooth, but heaven knows when that will be possible, and I can't bite or chew properly. My gums are always hurting, too. Poor flossing technique, he reckons.

Finished watching DAS BOOT 3 and started on the new PENNY DREADFUL series. Not sure what I think of it yet.

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