Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Going Into Shops, Etc...

Another blustery day. Quite enjoyable, but weird looking skies, etc., appropriate to the Apocalypse. Something was getting the crows all worked up; whole lotta squawking going on...
If anyone has any idea of what's going on in THE LUMINARIES, you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. Must say it's interesting to see that Himesh Patel, the  sweet but very unappealing nerd, Tamwar out of EASTENDERS, is now quite presentable.
The last series of  THE DARK is more than enough strain for my brain, anyway.
I made a quick foray into TK MAXX, for the first time since the lockdown, to see if there were any good art materials in. There were some nice ink brushes, but I resisted. I have plenty, and can't really afford any more. It doesn't feel comfortable 'browsing'. anyway. There was no queue, but it just doesn't feel right.  Every time I pass the M&S food emporium, there's a huge queue, though, which is a drag, as I wanted to try them again for the elusive veggie hot dogs. I got some in Waitrose, but they were four quid, and I think I've had them before, and they were gross.
I'm actually starting to get more worried than I was in full lockdown. People are just behaving so badly, everywhere, it seems. Clapham Common is starting to look like a landfill site, with all the shit that's been left behind by  delerious pleasure seekers. I have this constant feeling of foreboding, too, that the virus will come back, worse than ever. Heaven protect us. The US seems to be the only place that's dealt with the whole thing more ineptly than the UK.
While my melancholy was sitting on brood, I managed to knock a jar of sweet & sour sauce out of the cupboard, and Have just managed to clear up all the glass and goo. FUCK!
I did manage to have a jolly dream last night, where I was young ang good-looking and  had sexual congress with a movie star. Arf!



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