Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Why, This Is Hell, Nor Are We Out Of It...

This is quite horrific for the likes of me. Thunderstorms later today will cool it off a bit, with any luck.
Kept waking up all night, then, of course, festered in my pit until nearly 8:30
What the devil was going on in Brixton last night? Once again, I'm reminded of THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE, where rowdy yoofs are shown partying aggressively and wasting water. I guess it's natural for most young people to want to go on the lash after the enforced confinement, but are they entirely without common sense and regard for safety, even their own? Mumble...
Watched a rather dull Wes Craven werewolf film, CURSED, with Christina Ricci, which had a decent transformation moment, and that's about it.
I've also started the first series of SUCCESSION, which, so far, is reasonably interesting, but not really 'special'. Many people seem to find it  compulsive, though, so I'll probably be hooked soon enough.
In addition to heat exhaustion, allergy anguish, mask and bandaged leg discomfort, etc. I have a lot of insect bites! Why meeee?  I guess they much me in the park, and I don't notice at the time.
Totally flattened after some stretches, I didn't feel up to doing anything at all, soi watched IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK, or most of it. I'll catch the rest later. Quite a touching little romance, with a nice atmosphere of NYC in my day.


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