Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Here It Comes...

I thought I'd go to Clapham Junction via the launderette, before it got too hot, By the time I'd walked to ASDA  it was already  steaming, so I got the bus back. (Still lots of maskless riders.) Anyway, I needen't go to the supermarket for at least a week,now. AND I scored some semi-skimmed evaporated milk for the first time in nearly three months.
The hated mask is utterly horrid in warm weather. My sensiitive snowflake skin gets all prickly and  blotchier than usual,., not to mention the annoyance of my glasses steaming up , when I'm already half blind.
Meh. I do feel for those obliged to wear them for long periods, like people with long commutes, NHS workers, and those who have to fly.
BoJo smugly announced to some HawHawing minions in the House  that cinemas, restaurants, pubs, and quite a few other venues will re-open on July 4th. Also, social distancing is down to one metre... I'm delighted to know that I can soon suffer on the outdoor gym again. I always thought closing them was a bit excessive. At least ours, downstairs, which is not all that busy. Still, I'm very worried about this rush to get people out toiling, travelling, and SPENDING . Surely a few more weeks' lockdown would have been sensible? The fucking recession is unavoidable, anyway; why cause thousands more to bloody die?  I'm making sure I have plenty of coffee, evaporated milk, tinned stuff, and, of course, toilet paper stocked up before the panic buying for the the next wave.starts...
Still following I MAY DESTROY YOU. (Thankfully the heroine's bad hair is gone. It was a wig of some sort.), the latest series of DAS BOOT, which has the sexy Tom Walaschia (SP?) as a nasty Nazi. Unfortunately he looks terrible with a short back and sides Brycreem  'do,  and  THE LUMINARIES. I don't really know what's going on, there, but it's holding my attention.


Must check out the PERRY MASON prequel, too.

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