Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Bloody Masks...

I really hate wearing them, although it seems like we'll have to do it more and more. I've noticed that many people aren't wearing them on the bus, although it's supposed to be obligatory, now. A lot of people seem to be wearing them in the street, though. I only wear mine on the bus, or  in shops.
In a local newsagent, they're selling them for 50p...but they're all loose in a box, with no individual wrapping. Ew... I still fancy one of those GOT 'Not Today'  ones, but  the price (£14) is outrageous. There are quite a few trendy ones about, though, and some of the are pretty scary:


I'm worried about the latest warnings  about pet animals getting Covid from us and  infecting humans, too.  There are also these little outbreaks cropping up here and there, which is creepy, AND a piece in today's paper about the great danger to 'the obese' of catching/dying from it. Meh.
I'm sitting in, now, waiting for the district nurse to do the leg business. Damn, it's noon already. It would be nice if they could give you an idea of  when they're coming.
Later...I grumped inside all day. Nobody came. I'd already removed the bandages in the morning, so they'd have less to do, and thought I was going to be stuck all week with none. THEN the nurse showed up at bloody eight PM!
The lift was broken, and so was the entryphone.
What a very nasty day.
(I'm not going into the death stuff here. It's too depressing to write about twice.)

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