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Arrrrgh. It was nearly impossible to get up this morning. The hideous humidity made it  difficult to sleep last night, and when i did zonk out, the also-wakeful Moon would  jump up and treat me to the song of her people. It looks like going on for a week, at least. We had a few brief showers, a bit of thunder, but  no proper hard rain, and the air hasn't cleared.
Later, I had a mortification situation at Iceland. After a kindly employee offered to help me with the self-checkout. (Who am I to refuse?) I discovered I'd left my card at home, and had no cash. So that was a wasted walk in the murk, and I felt like such a dithery Old Lady. I noticed there was a longish queue outside Sainsbury's, and some poor devils had to stand in front of  the woman who camps outside the post office, leaving rivers of piss down the pavement, not to mention  the faeces. Christ. A lot of people are complaining about increasing 'aggressive begging' in the area.  It's only gonna get worse, I guess. Couldn't some of these new office buildings that are probably never going to get used now, be converted into flats for the homeless?
I was watching I MAY DESTROY YOU, the other night, and kept thinking of my mother . It would have killed her dead if she'd turned on the box and seen the gay date rape, not to mention the bit with the condom and the used tampon. I mean literally, she would have collapsed stone deceased,
I finally got into binge mode for TIGER KING. It is weirdly fascinating. In the beginning, I rather liked the barking mad Joe Exotic, but it got very dark as it went along, and the animals were being treated pretty badly. I've left the last episode for tomorrow.
Another sign of senility...I STILL keep misreading coronavirus as

and Covid as


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