Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Spooky Saturday...

Uncanny sort of faux/Autumn day. I went to the park, then stayed indoors, mostly doing exercises for the feeble and/or fat on YouTube.There are quite a few, and some aren't bad at all. I really need to do more, as I'm missing my outdoor gym so much, and gods only know when it will be open again.  I'm getting spooked out all over again, with all this stuff about the R number, people spreading cooties at  all the demos, shops opening, buses getting full,medical masks at all times for us over-60s, etc. Grim, grim, grim. BTW  that nasty scene where the cops bowled over the protesting geezer, and walked around him as he lay sparko and bleeding on the pavement, took place in Buffalo, NY, not all that far from my sister's rustic retreat. Maybe I should worry about her after all.
I watched the rest of the NT CORIOLANUS broadcast,and quite liked it. I've only seen the play a few times, and although it has exciting moments, it also has quite a few underwhelming stretches. This was super-well done, though. Another impressive Lucy Osborne set, and an excellent cast. Tom Hiddleston was in knockout form. He really has the Shakespearean genes, or something. He's just a natural in these roles.  I was impressed with Mark Gattis, too, and, indeed everyon else. Kewl!

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