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Weird Item From PRAVDA

I still can't find that story about the imminent end of the world via supervolcano, but I keep stumbling on all this other weird shit. I am supposed to be doing constructive things, of course...
Alas, Johnny Cash has joined Warren Zevon in the big recording studio in the sky. His dress sense was a great inspiration to me as a child.
It is interesting that Londoners are so scoffulous about David Blaine's feats of endurance (or predistication-). I saw a TV show about him being immured in ice in Times Square, and people were being quite awestruck and reverential. Perhaps it was the editing, and it was a much more interesting stunt...Or are Londoners generally less credulous, (and crueller-) than New Yorkers? Hm- I still haven't been to gawk at him; the fact that he can't actually plummet screaming into the river from his box rather put me off. They've also upped security and made it harder to get close since the incident of the yobs trying to blind him with infared 'pointer' pens. Evidently, he thought the red dots meant that he was in somebody's gun sights, and freaked out; rather sorry I didn't see that. (Snerk. I am a bad person-)

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