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O Razza Putrida...

God, this world is a feckin' mess. I can almost understand those people who claim to have just given up reading/watching the news because it's too damn demoralising...Oy!
I wonder if there's any truth in that latest scare story about the 'supervolcano' way overdue for a catastrophic blow in Yosemite? Bring it on! Actually, I read all about it on 'AOL News' yesterday, but now can't find any references to it - Here's an even better creepy yarn, though...

Watched THE THIN RED LINE, which I'd taped the other night. It's flawed by its excessive length, but it's really an impressive piece of work; tragically powerful where the much-praised SAVING PRIVATE RYAN was cliched and soppysloppy. I'm not in general a great war film enthusiast, but this was very well done indeed.

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