Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Bank Holiday Blahs...

Once AGAIN failed to make any progress on this clearout I'm supposed to be doing.
Walked down to Sainsbury's at Nine Elms, as I've not been there since before the lockdown. Spent six quid (half price-) on a top I don't need, and got my groceries. (Still no veggie hot dogs. Have they been banned or something?)
 It wasn't at all crowded, but there was a horribly entitled Dad type, with his  juicily coughing hellspawn, a girl of about five. She was hacking all over the veg aisles, and he made no effort whatever to cover her face, or take her away.
I summoned up my most indignant Paddington, which was to no avail, even with added *Tsk!*  He was quite oblivious.

I'm still watching the New Vic STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, which  is nicely presented, but a bit draggy to sit through in one go. I like Gillian Anderson, but her accent is really distracting. I've not encountered many people from the Deep South, but I don't think they sound like that, as a rule...
I've been having plenty of fever heat/ anxiety dreams. Last night Rod Stewart, Danny Dyer, and Danny Kaye, naked, and crazily drunk, were all involved in cameos.
Saw the girl from Coffee Lovers. They're trying to get the place ready for possible re-opening of some sort in June. She said I looked like I'd lost weight,too, when I know full well I'm so chockful of Peanut Flips, cheese  and chocolate that I'm puffed up like a blowfish.

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