Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Another Chilly Day...

My meds FINALLY arrived, so I picked them up at Clapham Junction, and walked back 'the long way' along Clapham High Street.
I don't understand why it's now OK to absorb each other's  C19 cooties from park benches, and by playing basketball,, but outdoor gyms and kids' playgrounds are still verboten. Grunt.
Hasn't been much on TV so far this week, so I caught up on that NORMAL PEOPLE everyone's so keen on. It's not bad, I guess, and the young leads are very presentable, especially the boy (Paul Mescal)...Oh my word...If I were fifty years younger!
KILLING EVE had Villanelle taking a sentimental journey to the family home in Russia, to give us some backstory. It made a change, but somehow it's still not as gripping as it used to be.
Watched a documentary, A SECRET LOVE about two lovely old lezzers who were together for over seventy years, living happy but closeted lives, and how they got married, at last. Sweet. Also saw CABIN IN THE WOODS, not realising until half an hour or so in that  I'd bloody seen it before. D'Oh!


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