Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Lockdown Lapses, Masks, Monsters...

I'm feeling really chilled again; slept in a nightshirt last night.
After the park, I went to Clapham Junction to check out  the prescriptions situation. Looks like they might be able to sort it. They were actually quite helpful. I nipped over to LIDL, but there was actually  a big queue, and nothing  I needed enough  for me to join it.
Since the  lockdown, I'd  only boarded a bus maybe 4 times, and there had only been 2-3 others riding, if that. Today there were seven, one of whom insisted on sitting right behind me. That's a bit worrying. People are getting lax too quickly, IMO (I shouldn't talk, I guess, I probably shouldn't go out at all-)
There are certainly a LOT more cars on the road,too, although it's still very quiet.
That re-usable mask I ordered finally arrived but it makes my ears stick right out, and is even more uncomfortable than the disposables. I
rather fancy one of those Arya Stark 'Not today' ones, but they're asking about £25 for them!
The very worst thing about bloody masks is that they fog up my glasses, due to my supersized  hooter.
Watched  the NT FRANKENSTEIN with the Johnny Lee Miller creature. Interesting to see the different approaches, and both actors were terrific in their own ways. That production is thoroughly marvellous. Next week they're showing ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA. Yay!


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