Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Blustery, Boring Day...

Another chilly, cloudy day. Enjoyed my park 'exercise', (pretty useless as it is, at present- still thinking about splurging on an exercise bike.) . I do like to get some decent air, and commune with the critters. The crows seem to be having a lot of dust-ups, lately; every day, it seems one or the other has a fucked up feather or two sticking out, and looks extra-grumpy.
I've avoided buying chocolate so far this week, but I'm really jonesing for it. It still seems odd to have this mad craving. Like most people, I like chololate, and can overindulge now and then, but at the moment, there's not much else I want. Of course, it doesn't help the digestion troubles, nor help me maintain my lost tonnage, much less lose any more.
Can't get through to anyone about renewing my prescriptions, which is also increasing my gastric discomrort. Feh.
I'd thought BETTER CALL SAUL's fifth season was supposed to be the last, but it's left us hanging. Evidently there's a sixth being written, but when will we get to see it, if ever?

(Two great bad boys, Gus and Mike)
Oh well, tonight we have the Cumberbatch Creature from the NT FRANKNSTEIN, free online, and he switches with Johnny Lee Miller, to the Doc, tomorow.

The production looks to be pretty cool, with a steampunk choochoo onstage and all.

Doodlediary: Throwback Thursday...
(This guy was a feature on St John's Hill until recently. Guess he saw it coming!)


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