Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Day of Gloom...

Ohh man, this heartburn /hernia thing is really giving me agita. I didn't go out today because it was raining, but I may, if it dries up a bit.
I'm running out of prescriptions, but trying to postpone  the aggravation, as it's always one cock-up or another, even in normal times. Grumble...
Watched a bit more of GANGS OF LONDON. It's gross (chotrle...) I'm coming towards the end of BETTER CALL SAUL, and the latest WAR OF THE WORLDS, nothing-like-the-original  series, which is not much good, but there are these robo-dog things  that make fairly scary noises.
Anyone watched TIGER KING  on Netflix? I expect I'll get around to it soon.
People on R4 are talking about their 'downward spiral' of mental health in lockdown, and I feel a bit guilty, in that I enjoy it, largely, apart from the things that really piss me off. (no outdoor gym, no cafes-)
Haven't had any post today, which is a bit annoying, as it's RADIO TIMES day.
Last night, for the first time in weeks, I heard some aggressive-sounding kids bwling downstairs, which seemed really odd.
The sibling posts that supermarket shelves are still pretty bare in her neck of upstate NY, with fruit & veg especially elusive. Thank the gods  the supples of most things seem to be close to normal  here.
The news is extra-depressing today; death rate spikes, and an article about all the former low wage 'hospitality' semi-slaves who have lost their lodgings as well as their jobs, now struggling to survive on the streets of London, not even able to get into public toilets any more, and in fear of 'crazy people with knives' roaming the streets. Jesus... It always looks quite clean and peaceful  in the television reports, and I'd assumed that most of the rough sleepers had been put up in B&Bs, etc, as was reported.



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