Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Shopping And Strolling...

Walked to Clapham Junction via the launderette. My hips have been feeling so weak and achey recently, I can hardly manage, even with the trolley. Grunt. I walked straight into ASDA; no queue at all. (Also no fuckin' semi-skimmed evaporated milk, blast it!  There were Belgian waffles, though!)
I had some sort of very complicated, interesting dream, which could have made a decent short story, I think, but it's gorn. Why do i remember all the stupid ones about running around trying to find a toilet, and suchlike, and forget the most  entertaining ones?
I finished watching RIDE UPON THE STORM series two. which seemed to come to a natural ending, and I doubt if there'll be a third. It was quality stuff, thought-provoking and quite moving at times, .with good acting, especially from Lars Mikkleson as the messed-up but charismatic pastor.
I've also checked out the first two chapters of GANGS OF LONDON, which, Yowie-zowie!- is intense ...multicultuaral legions of hard nuts  killing each other dead  with maximum gruesomeness. It's fantastic!
I'm finding this 'Let's Get Back to Work' thing quite disturbing, actually. I do understand that the collapsing economy is scary, but taking the slightest risk of a second, much worse, wave of the virus, is really, really not worth it. These people deomonstating all over the place in the US, for their God-given right to have their nails done by underpaid Asian wage slaves, etc. are just mad. It's easy for me to say, I guess, as I'm practically a hermit, anyway, with virtually no desposable income,  but  I'd much prefer lockdown to go on for another 2-3 months than take the chance of losing many more lives.


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