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What, exactly, have they done with Gus? He was actually mentioned last night, but the luckless broom-weilding purveyor of pomes has not been seen for months The last sighting I recall was in one of those 'who is it...?' scenes, where Laura was phoning the 'mystery' progenitor of her then sprog-to-be, and every male in the Square was seen taking a call on his mobile... Gus listened, looking freaked out, and left the Vic pronto, not even noticing that his beloved Sonia was clumping towards him beaming sort-of affectionately. He was never seen again!...And what of Wellard?
Tragic Sonia, meanwhile, has witnessed a traffic accident almost identical to the late Jamie's terminal event. She saved the lad from bleeding to death,and is finding herself strangely drawn to his inert blond bod, but he's kinda in a sort of coma, and has a girlfriend. This does not bode well...

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