Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Hot Again...

Oh well, if it's actually true about hot weather halting the virus, another steaming summer might be a blessing...
R I P  Peter Jonas, general director of the ENO, back in the 'Powerhouse' days... I found him scary, rude and overbearing... Of course, I think that may have been largely due to my problem with authority figures, and I never realised how bad his physical health was, virtually all his life.(He was 'only' 74.) Obviously, I had nothing to do with him, except as a menial . Many people seem to have sincerely admired and liked him.
I feel rather ashamed, now, of my 'dumb insolence' policy toward him.  Also, however much of a swanky shit he was/wasn't, he was really good at his job. The productions in those days were always  interestingly original, sometimes quite wonderful, with the rare turkey thrown in for contrast.
I've noticed one of the pharmacies on Cedars Rd is flogging  tiny 50 ml bottles of hand sanitizer for a fiver! Bucking fastards...
Also on my hit list today are the eejits who took advantage of the 'Clap for Carers' thing last night, to let off firecrackers, and frighten all the local beasts. Not funny.
Passed by Coffee Lovers on my post-park stroll. They seem to have given up selling takeaway, and basics. The cafe near the Chase, though, is still open, selling fruit & veg, though, and seem to be getting along.
Nothing on TV tonight but GOOGLEBOX. I miss Dad Saddiqui. Hope he's OK. In isolation I guess. It's just been the brothers recently

Doodlediary: (Still totally out of order; couldn't  be bothered sorting them out-)

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