Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Cabin Fever Continues...

Still suffering with damn pollen  agonies. Snuffle!
Finished watching DEVS, which was pretty trippy, all told. Glad I stuck with it, as it was fairly absorbing.
I do miss my cafe scribble sessions. I was thinking today, as well, how nice it would be to  head for Covent Garden, grab an overpriced roll, or something,
and have lunch in lovely St Paul's churchyard.*
I've seen any number of articles about people having very vivid and weird dreams in lockdown. 'Experts' say it's due to disturbed sleep, caused by all the anxiety. I've always been that way. The plague doesn't seem to have made it any worse. Mind you , I miss my dreams when I don't remember them.
Actually, I'm afraid I've been sleeping even more than usual, which is a bit worrying, as extreme fatigue is yet another Covid alert. ( But I'm always bloody fatigued, anyway.)
*  Ended up eating a Linda McCartney pie, and promptly barfed.



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