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I see Warren Zevon has shuffled off. He's been officially dying for some time, but it's still very sad. He was brilliant, he was; would have been even if he'd never done anything but WEREWOLVES OF LONDON. He did a lot of cool stuff,actually, but never got all the kudos he deserved, if you ask me. Respect.
It took me all afternoon to put that sodding cheap plastic/fabric wardrobe together; had to disassemble it twice, due to vague instructions and my own idiocy. It smells terrible, too; kinda chemical, and is probably dangerous.
Watched THE HOURS; probably not the best fare for depressives, but it is very good. I was mesmerised by Nicole Kidman's prosthetic nose. As a rule, I find her rather boring-looking and blandly Barbie-esque, but with a strong hooter she really is extremely beautiful. It gives her gravitas... Much as I'd love to have quite a few cosmetic 'procedures', one thing I'd never have is a beak-reduction, despite having been 'kindly' advised to do so all my life. I don't care for small noses, and if you don't like my 'serious' proboscis, the more fool you...Also, a nose-bob has to be one of the most gruesome plastic surgery riffs going. First, they crack it with a hammer- (I saw this once, on WHICKER'S WORLD...Whicker himself was kinda green and swaying...and it has haunted me.) The noise!

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