Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Supermarket Day...

Tried my luck at ASDA again this morning, but there was a massive queue again, so I went round the corner to LIDL, where I only had to wait a few minutes to get in. It's odd. Anyway, no complaints, except not being able to check ASDA for my tinned milk and (Shame!) sugar waffles. Lidl was out of a lot of stuff, including bloody waffles. (Are the gods telling me something?)
No RADIO TIMES this morning, due to the holiday. Mumble.
I saw that Trump Press Conference and propaganda film. HFS!  When's he going to appoint a horse senator? It's so worrying that so many US voters still seem to take this lunatic seriously.
A bit let down by the last couple of episodes of THE NEST (BBC1)  which got a bit TOO absurd, and soppy, too. Evidently people were pleased by the unlikely happy ending, though, in the midst of the current RL horror show, so fair enough.
Watched a ration of RIDE UPON THE STORM, and the first episode of  KILLING EVE series 3, introducing a promising new character, but OMG, they've killed (spoiler-)!
I've also been enjoying re-watching the repeat  of WOLF HALL (BBC4) Prime stuff.
Saw a teeny weeny robin in the park, not a bird that usually frequents this area.


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