Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Quarrantined Easter...

The heat's not too bad, as it's a bit cloudy. It's very silent around here, and the park was totally empty when I was out, except for a dissheveled scary guy, who coughed a lot ( Uh-Oh...)  then shuffled past , about two feet from me. I didn't say anything, as he looked like he might flip out His eyes were all mad-looking. Spooked me.
I popped an Easter card through R Next Door's letter box, just to be civilised . Why the hell not?
Not too thrilled by TWIN on BBC4. I think I've got it all explained already. It certainly beats more MONTALBANO repeats, though.
I'd seen THE TEN COMMANDMENTS as a kid, and parts of it several times since. I caught a bit of the end today. It's quite hilarious. Charlton Heston's wig rises about six inches off his scalp, and I love the FOOM fireball shooting out  for each commandment.  I also think it was the first time I had any sort of sexual sensation, courtesy of Mr Yul Brynner. Every time he strode about smouldering, I felt all weird and thought I might be ill...

Looks like I hadn't filed the OLD strips in any order. I think this is the first one...

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