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Holy Mother O' God...


You Should Do The Pope!

Like a Catholic, you prefer orders and directives from your lover.

Whether it be in a slave/master setting or merely a dominant mate, being powerless in your relationship sexually satisfies you.

Older authorities figures make you melt at the thought of being pleasured in as many ways as they can manage, as quickly and as illicitly as possible.

This way by the time he’s finished, you can be in the confessional finishing off those last Hail Mary’s.

This makes the Pope your perfect lover even if he may die trying to please you :-)

What Religious Guru Should You Do?

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I'll probably be struck by lightning now...And I really have problems enough at the moment! This dumb quiz site also says I 'do it' like a gay man...I really might as well sign up for gender reassignment, I guess. Actually, I seldom think of myself as male or female. I'm just me, God help me...
The Pope, incidentally, was a fine-looking robust figure of a man, in his youth; too bad about all the heavy conservative-Catholic stuff.
My pc is conking out bigtme; I wrote a whole big rant last night, and it's gorn. Just as well,I suppose. I was in heavy self-pity mode after an outstandingly bloodcurdling 'conversation' with my mother... Drink!

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