Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Getting Warmer...

I hate it, but shouldn't moan, especially if it really does help to stop the virus.
Hope I can get a good look at the 'pink supernoon', tonight, but it looks like it's bloody clouding over.
Went to the launderette, where they are now doing service washes again for 'regulars', thank gods. I wasn't fancying stifling in there, doing it myself.
Carried on to Clapham Junction, where I saw FIVE  homeless/beggar types lying about on the ground. Horrible. I suppose they might have refused shelter, but they really are supposed to be looked after. I also saw several globs of spittle on the ground, which is worrying, and rubbish is starting to pile up... I was wearing one of my few masks, and felt like I was suffocating. I had to keep pulling it back. Finally, I sneezed in it. (Pollen time...)
Whoo, that NEST is excellent trash...Kaya's dodgy mother?
I was pleased to see the ginger cat, after a month or so, although I didn't dare fuss him, but slipped him a few bits of Moon's 'Protein Pot' chicken.
I've discovered some little diary strips I started doing a couple of years ago, and  couldn't be arsed with. They're no good, but might as well post them.

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