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Ohhh, Blimey!

This new LJ 'skin' business has got me all of a fluster. I chose the 'plain' option, but can't find the way to update from that, so I'm back to the babyblue, now, bah! Still, I'm sure it all is an improvement, really, when you get used to it...
Got a letter from the British Council, about my grant appication. "NO!" they say. Time for a plangent lil' Howl of the Unappreciated:
I guess that really is it, as far as Serbia goes, but there's still a few weeks for a miracle. I am absolutely not going to let it bother me. At All. (... OhGodohGodohGod, I have no talent. What a sad old woman I am, etc. etc. etc...)
Wotan really pulled out the stops at the vet, having his talons clipped; incredible contortions, and hissing; don't recall him ever doing that. She therefore nicked one of his pads, and now I'm dreading having to take him back, if it gets infected. He's also got a slight heart murmur 'Nothing to worry about...' but, of course, it will need to be monitored every 2-3 months, so I guess it's gonna be regular vet bills for the rest of his lil' feline days (and may they be many and good-quality, of course.)
A stressful sort of week, all in all.
Hotmail won't let me in, either, however I fiddle my 'settings', and AOL keeps shutting down on me...Cripes. It's hot, too. And I have a headache.

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