Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Sittin' And Stinkin'...

Warning for dizguztin' TMI:
...Have discovered that my feet smell like cat/dog paws (ie: popcorn)
Only went out for a quick nip into the co-op on the corner, and a brief visit to the park. There was a rough sleeper wrapped in a duvet just outside the shop. Poor fucking soul. Not all the homeless have been taken indoors, although there aren't as many in sight. Yesterday, there was a really ANCIENT- looking woman of  'Middle Eastern Appearance' squatting outside  LIDL,begging. Terrible.
I sent away for a face mask several weeks ago, before things got really hairy. I wonder if I'll get it?  Really wish I'd had more hand gel and wipes, too. That stuff was all snapped up a long time ago, and hasn't  become available again.
Watched NIGHTBREED, which I must have seen, but didn't remember.

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