Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Mental Monday...

Really had The Fear this morning. I just had to get out and about a little. I got the bus to Clapham Junction and walked back (better than no exercise at all-)  LIDL  was pretty good, nearly empty and fairly well stocked, except for the obvious things.  ASDA, however, had a queue of at least a hundred shoppers snaking through the parking lot up to the street. I'd wanted to get some of Moon's preferred cat food, and check to see if there was any low-fat evaportated milk at last, or oat milk, even. Er...I also wanted some round, sqishy Belgian waffles. It would have been deranged to wait out in the dank drizzle for such trivia. (Moon has plenty of food at home, still)
Then I finished up in the park to feed the critters, and 'flail' a bit in the open air.  Lo, there was R Next Door down at the other end. Peppi was off lead, and ran eagerly towards me. (I like old Peppi a lot, and think the feeling is mutual.)  R let out several of her patented  Bitching Banshee shrieks, until he dared go no futher.  I guess she's afraid that I might infect him, or something, but mostly she's punishing me for saying dogs smell, even hers! Mad as it is, this behaviour really is hurtful, especially in this situation. How can you be so petty, when we could all be dead  in a couple of weeks?  Gawd 'elp us.
I wasn't going to bother with the current Sunday night drama on BBC1, THE NEST, but it's actually fascinating. and a good distraction.
PICARD  also ended up being exellent; clever, and rather moving . Enjoyed Mark Gatiss on Beardsley, too.


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