Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Coronavirus, Quailing, And Corvids...

This morning, I saw they'd added police tape to the signs on the gym equipment... I took a short walk to get the laundry, and did some bendystretchy stuff in the park . I 'm doing a little tiny bit of clearing every day, but it's better than nowt. I also started reading Elmore Leonard's THE BLACK DAHLIA; OK, not  Proust, but  I've hardly read any books in the last year or so,largely 'cos my eyes get tired. I read a lot online, and watch films, etc.
Extra scary news, with Saddiq Kahn  warning London to prepare for a whole load of death in the next couple of weeks, and the number of  cases rising alarmingly. I know it's 'fairer' if old gits like me cark it, instead of the young. but fuck it, I'm not inclined to go,yet. I recorded that CONTAGION film, which everyone's watching, but haven't looked at it yet
When I appeared in the park and threw a couple of monkey nuts at a lone crow on the lawn. (s)he downed them, then flew up onto a lamppost and let rip with an eldrich scream,seemingly to alert the other members of the threesome, who came gliding down, that the nut dispenser was on the scene...

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