Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Another Lovely Day In Solitary...

Discovered a nice delicacy  while shopping for 'bits' in a local corner shop, to escape the current supermarket  hell...Tropical Sun Crunchy Coffee Peanuts. Mmm!
Took my laundry down the road on my 'exercise' walk. The lady says we have to do our own, from now on, but kindly agreed to take it  in just for today.
I've had to finally renounce the outdoor gym, as the large DO NOT USE signs I found this morning don't leave much room for doubt. Bum. I have constant anxiety hunger, too, and will have to be careful, or I'll end up fat as ever.
I've packed a 'hospital bag', like an expectant mum, with some PJs, knickers, notebooks, etc. In case I get taken ill suddenly. They keep showing all these films online, with frelled-looking people describing their fearsome symptoms. Some are fake, of course, but I think  quite a few aren't. *Wibble*
Watched that DEEP CLEAN YOUR HOUSE thing on Ch 5. Dead scary. My lime scale is aboiut 2 inches thick, on sinks, etc. which evidently is dangerous as well as hideous. Gulp.

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