Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Dullsville, But Scary, Too...

I feel OK today,physically, but I keep thinking that I'm very likely to get this virus, and , at my age and state of decrepitude, I could well die.  I hope I don't leave the place in the mess it's in now. I've got to sort out leaving all my papers to the Diary Project , and finding somewhere to leave my cartoons and stuff. I know nobody's going to be interested in my dumb life, and I've no family . I egotistically  dislike the idea of a lifetime's neurotic scratchings
just going straight into landfill, though. Ah well. silliness...
It was lovely in the park, crisp and sunny. Hardly anyone there, just a few dogwalkers  and other exercisers, all keeping our distance.
All the coffee shops are now shut, except for takeaway. This sucks so much; sitting and scribbling/gawking in cafes is a major part of my flaneuse lifestyle, although I can't afford it.
Finally caught up with MIDSOMMAR  on Amazon Prime. Holy shit! Seriously eerie, haunting stuff. Think it's a proper masterpiece of folk horror. Long as it was, I'd like to see the 3 1/2  hour Director's Cut.

BoJo's latest stern  pronouncements are pretty grim, but sensible enough; should have been done earlier, of course. I'm confused about the threat to close outdoor gyms, although you're allowed to exercise outdoors, still. Oh well, guess I'll find out.



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