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Gods know how extroverts are going to deal with this. I'm  getting cabin fever already.
So far, rather than do anything really useful or creative, I've just increased my already unhealthy screen time.
Saw a pretty dreadful film of ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA, starring and directed by Charlton Heston!  Some of the cast was decent. Eric Porter wasn't bad as Enobarbus; he had quite a lovely voice. John Castle was OK as Octavius, too, but it was a real turkey on the whole.
The 80's TV film of HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, also with a fair cast  was pretty dull. I remember laughing at it back then, and the years haven't improved it.
The really scabby-looking takeway across the road is still open. Good Lord, you wouldn't want to ingest anything from there, even when there's not a plague on. I've entered it once in, like 35 years or so, to get a bottle of water, which they didn't have. Still, they always do good business, as is the case tonight.
I'm assuming the launderette is now shut down. What am I gonna do? I don't even have a bathtub  (got a 'disabled'  wetroom-) Of course, you can wash your underwear and stuff  fairly efficiently by hand, but three or so months' worth of jeans, etc?



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