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Free Treats...

On Sunday, from noon to seven , it's a rare Open Day at 19 Princelet Street, off Brick Lane.(They may also be open during Open House Weekend, Sept. 20-21, but I'm not certain, so check it out...)
Anyone who hasn't experienced this magical timewarp, should make an effort, and you rich patrons who keep ignoring me could not find a worthier cause to bestow your benevolence upon. (Apart from moi, of course...)
A word of warning:
A) I've been there twice,and it seems there are always big queues. They can only admit a few peeps at a time, due to the building's decrepitude.Take a book.
B) The Vibes there are very potent, and can mess with yer a very benign way, I hasten to add, but it can be intense.

If you get SCI-FI TV, they're showing the creepy/poignant DEVIL'S BACKBONE twice, next week. I know I'm always banging on about it, but it's such a good little film, and hardly anyone has ever seen it. It also features the rather hot Eduardo Noreiga, gurlz & gays...

I seem to have recovered from my arthriticky malaise, and shoved the trolley to & from the dreaded launderette, plus hoovering.I am good, yes.

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