Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Heading Towards Lockdown...

It's very quiet, all right. I haven't been out  except to get the paper, and I'm about to go down to the park to 'flail',
before it rains again. It looks quite deserted down there  for a Saturday afternoon...I  later encountered a couple of the other old crocks, who said ten more people died in the UK today, all over 60. Dunno if it's true.  (...It was)
i was right about the Tate being a bit less packed than usual, yesterday, and I was able to enjoy the Aubrey Beardsley show without too much shoving, etc. Everyone's trying not to get too close to each other, too. It's a good exhibit, there were quite a few items I'd never seen, mostly pretty small, and you could have a good gawk. The 'super-rude, enter at your own risk'  room was a bit of a let-down, though. Mostly it was uncensored  LYSISITRATA images, which I'd already seen many times. Still, it was all well worth seeing. Hope I didn't catch 'IT', or infect anybody else.
I dropped into the Lambeth Council coffee afternoon, as well, yesterday. Thy're collecting suggestions for names for the new Courts. There are any number of  well-known Lambeth criminals, Mad Frankie Fraser, etc. That would be cool.

Back in media land...
Radio 4: OMG, they've blown up Lynda Snell! All Ambridge agog, as she languishes in Intensive Care.
Finished with THE OUTSIDER  and THE STRANGER, both quite engrossing. Couldn't be bothered watching series 2 of LIAR after the first episode. Series one was OK-ish. This isn't.
BABYLON BERLIN remains fab.

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