Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Beyond Belief...

I really can't deal with this. Another tooth just fell out today. I was only at the dentist the other day, and made an appointment for three months hence... I'll have to stop in tomorrow on the way back from physio. Bloody fucking hell. I wonder if R Next Door really cursed me?  Being in such a 'bad way' anyhow, I don't know why I'm so upset about being a toothless hag. I look horrific anway. Pointless to be vain at my age, when I never had anything to be vain about, anyway, but dammit...I just want to look reasonably unfrightening.
It was another strange day, anyway. Felt absurdly warm this morning, except for the blustery wind, and I had a decent little workout. I've taken another couple of loads to the charity shop, and all, so I'm absurdly proud of that.
Apart from ANTIQUES ROADSHOW  there's nothing on TV tonight, so I'll catch up with THE STRANGER, THE OUTSIDER, and/or BETTER CALL SAUL. Watched the last episodes of LOCKE AND KEY during the week, but don't know if I'd bother with another series. Way too 'young adult'.
Wahh, I wanna go to Vienna, and be able to walk properly, and have all my teeth. etc. etc.
The coronavirus seems to be really stepping up its pace here. Hope I'm not culled, what with being 'elderly', asthmatic, and having a compromised immune system.
Rationing in supermarkets; jeez.

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