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R Next Door came round in hysterics last night because some neighbour complained about the stink from her dogs, and the fact that she has three, when only two are permitted. The mud in communal areas is an issue, too.  It's not a big deal, really, she was just reminded to keep them from being a nuisance. I foolishly said the smell was pretty intense sometimes, after all, dogs do smell; fact. She started going on about how when the door of  my flat opens she gets a big blast of my 'old, fat, sick' stench...That creeps me out, actually. Do I really smell like that? I do try to keep the place cleanish, even if it is a tip.
Anyway, this morning, she appeared in the park, glowering. I was stroking the dawgs and she snapped. 'Yew do not want to touch them. Zey are SMELLY.' then ranted on some more about my offensive stench, and how I'm just as stupid as the other 'low life' people who live on the estate. No wonder she's always falling out with people. Some of the things she says would curl your hair.

EASTENDERS Sharon's latest tragedy would be an excellent opportunity for her to permanently abandon the bright yellow hair extensions and layers of makeup she's been wearing for the last 30 years plus. She does look pretty cartoonish.
Just started watching THE STRANGER; quite weird, and possibly bingeworthy. BETTER CALL SAUL is back for a last series, so looking forward to that, too.


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