Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

As The World Crumbles...

The rain it raineth every day.  Still feeling absurdly cold a lot of the time, but R Next Door  feels hot...
Watched HIDDEN . Series two is at least as creepy as the first. You really wouldn't want to live in that neck of Wales. The landscape is spooky, the houses are spooky, and the populace is largely composed of killers, rapists, paedos and generally  deranged, tormented souls...not to mention the screaming foxes.
Tried yet again to clear out more stuff for the charity shop, and yet again, just made more of a mess. I'm bloody hopeless.
Other stuff I've streamed in effort to escape reality:

THE CURSE OF LA LLORCA. Not exactly gripping, but lots of entertaining jump scares.
GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS:  Dull! I like the goofy song at the end , though, and the monsters look OK. I quite liked Rodan's cranky crow face.
ALL IS TRUE: A bit of a turkey with Kenneth Branagh as Sheakespeare in retirement. Worthy, I guess, but didn't do a lot for me.


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