Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


Postponed my workout until after DESERT ISLAND DISCS, then managed to do most of it, before it started raining again. Bah. This weather is just so unwholesome
 I'm terrified of another sizzling summer. Dunno if I can endure it.
Speaking of DID, I found myself quite charmed by Ian Wright's very sincere-sounding sentimental blub moments last week. I'd never paid much attention to him before, not being into football or the kind of stuff he usually appears in. I approve of him now, though.
Watched  PICARD. Ewww, the eye bit gave me a turn!
It's weird that  I'm sitting here, now, mild as it is, with the bloody heat on, two light layers topped by an ultra-thick dressing gown, and winter slippers, but still shivery. I was like it last night, too.

Doodlediary:  Belated #floatingheadsfriday

Tags: #floatingheadsfriday

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