Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Yellow Alert...

We're supposed to have some rough weather tomorrow, and this time, I think it's possible. It felt so peculiar outdoors this morning; very chillydamp, with a bit of a wind building up. I was really not in an exercising mood, but as the storm may provide a 'holiday' tomorrow, I made myself work a bit harder than usual. The critters were impressed.

'Ohh, get her!'

EASTENDERS  continues on its brilliantly outrageous way. Linda has become, in the course of maybe two months, a ranting, slurring alcoholic (She got upset when her son was finally given an official diagnosis of autism- )  She necks whole bottles of vodka, pisses herself, passes out in the Square, and gets hypothermia, vanishes and comes back the next day, knowing nothing, etc.  Sharon is preparing to go into hospital to give birth, which is a good thing, as she must  be several months overdue by now, and  on-the-run Keaunu, the baybee's toyboy dad has just turned up on the doorstep to carry her off, Coker's funeral parlour is now being run by two  reformed addicts/jailbirds, the violent psycho Stuart, now a 'good guy' , and Reinie, his recently-acquired great love. There's due to be a pleasure boat crash, soon, in which a long-time principal character will DIE. I expect it will just be the tedious teen Bex, though, nobody interesting.
THE NEW POPE  gets madder by the minute, too. I'm so hooked.


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