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Wanting Stuff...

Lovely day, really. I've been avoiding going anywhere, except nearby shops, etc, not even fancying galleries, these days. I have been fantansising about getting rid of the huge recliner  that I spent a fortune on, years ago, but is far too big, and has been demolished by cats.  I could replace it with a nice sofa bed...a good,solid two-seater would actually take up less space. I'd want it to have arms, though. Anyway, I got myself to Tottenham Court Road, to gape at the big furniture stores. The only remotely affordable to me one, has no arms, but is nice and simple, from Habitat, for about £350, which come to think of it, isn't affordable. Eh...The area doesn't seem to get much less of a shambles, after how many bloody years? It's got a  long way to go before all the building faff is done, even now...And it ain't my London no more.
I've passed this shop full of expensive-looking Harry Potter artefacts several tmes, but still haven't bothered to go in.
I amused myself a bit by watching some episodes of the Goop series on Netflix. Pathetic, of course, featuring Ms Paltrow and  some of her vacuous young employees doing foolish 'wellness' stuff. The masturbation episode was rather fun, though, as it featured nonogenerian orgasm guru Betty Dodgson, who is a great character. She was a big name in NY, back in my youth, and she's certainly held up well.
I must admit, I'd be curious to have a sniff of one of those candles that supposedly smell like Gwynnie's genetalia.
R Next Door has been hysterical, trying to apply for permanent residence, as she has no computer, and can't use one, anyway. It doesn't seem possible to get a hard copy form she could just fill out. There must be a lot of people having problems, especially if their English isn't great. R is very fluent, and even when a phone number was found, she had difficulty sorting it all out. Thank gods, she actually got a helpful Home Office person, and it's all in progress, now. Fuck this bloody Brexit, though.

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