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Soo Sleepy...

Dunno why I should be, perhaps the strange thrilling suggestion of a chill in the air, early this morning. Didn't get out of the pit until after 8; then faffed about reading papers, sort-of-writing, etc, and now I really fancy a wee nap.
That MONTH thing in the Sunday Times made my pc crash crankily. Further proof that I require a nice new bells & whistles model with indispensible stuff like DVD, CD burner,actual functional graphics card, a biiiiig screen, an' also too one of those nice chunky Epsom all in one printerscanner thingies, and BROADBAND. Yes...
Once again the lottery jackpot has eluded me...If I had all the money I've spent on lottery tickets every week just since I became redundant, say, there would be no problem about paying my fares to Belgrade. I could go feckin' business class...However, if I had not bought those lottery tickets, I actually would have just pissed the money away on comics or summat. You know it, I know it; and at least if you buy a ticket, you can fantasise about winning big, with that all-important illusion that it's just possible-

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