Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Unseasonable Again...

A  drizzly WARM morning. I hate this scrambled seasons stuff so much. Suppose it will  only get worse.
Still struggling to do anything at all. bar streaming, and half the time, I nod off in front of the telly, anyway.
Have been continuing with THE OUTSIDER, and rather glad I didn't give up on it, as it's fairly entertaining now. THE NEW POPE is  amusingly carrying on crazier than ever, too.
I'm still fantasising about somehow getting a 'deep clean' and then once a month, maybe, to do the floors?  I KNOW I can't afford it. I also know I can't do it properly myself, with my arthritic knees, and my depression is really worsened by living in such squalour. I've always had a lot of tchatchkas, books and art supplies lying about, but this is just gross. I do dust every day, but it doesn't seem to help much, since the eternal building site sprang up downstairs.
That insane little David Lynch short WHAT DID JACK DO? keeps running through my head. It's terrific; funnycreepybaffling.
Oh well, guess I'll catch up on PICARD now.


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