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#Floatingheadfriday   Doodlediary:

I didn't wake up until eight, this morning, and thought it was about 4 AM. Crumbs...
It's been the usual dull routine...Exercised in the drizzle, picked up the laundry, had a coffee in Nero's and wrote down my dreams.... Was alamed by seeing a fucked up dead squirrel... I bought a 'limited edition £1 scratch card, hoping to win £100,000, and bloody lost it on the way home. If I see anything about somebody finding a jackpot ticket in SW8, I shall have to jump out the window, I guess... Exercised a bit more in Heath Park.... Dusted and mopped.  I've started on MY FAVOURITE THING IS MONSTERS, and it's fine, so far...
Watched a lot of films, etc. on TV as per usual  THE OUTSIDER is becoming a bit more interesting, and as I've mentioned before, THE NEW POPE is worth checking out for its complete insanity and a rivetingly strange turn from John Malkovich.
Watched DRACULA 2000, set in New Orleans; nothing to get excited about , but Gerard Butler looked quite hott as Dracula. Odd, because I've never found him remotely sexy or interesting before. Must be the shoulder-length curls.
WHITE HOUSE FARM is based on a RL multiple murder I remember reading about. This bratty young man blew away his whole family, including two children, to inherit everything, and what he did at the end of chapter three was just too damn much. Jeezus, what a monstah!  He's potesting his innocence to this day. Shameless.
Saw a really excellent film. CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME, which was  brilliantly acted, fascinating, and rather poignant. I had a little sniffle a couple of times. I must read the book.
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